Sponsor Testimonials

Catriona Swan Belle Property – Leura

“To the fabulous and super organised BentART committee,

Thank you so much for including me in BentART 2018. I am proud to be a sponsor and really appreciate the marketing & promotion you give me. See you next year!” 


Katoomba Fine Flowers

  • Great feedback from customers on our participation but also on the quality of the event.
  • We benefited from a great run of post bentART business from a number of weddings to regular flower purchases (Thank you!).
  • Very well supported by the broader community as we had lots of great feedback for supporting the event.
  • High calibre of work and organisation on the part of the artists and the organisers.
  • Great brand to be associated with from a sponsor’s perspective.
  • High visibility opportunity at the event.
  • I personally enjoyed the benefit of participating in the opening night proceedings.
  • Giving sponsors the opportunity to preview and pre-purchase the work was also a benefit.