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  1. I attended the 2010 opening last nite in Wentworth Falls.

    Wonderful to see a packed house.

    Wonderful to see such creative work.

    Keep up the good work.

    very enjoyable evening.

  2. I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to the management committee and volunteers for this year’s Bent Art. I thought the atmosphere on opening night was wonderful, the presentation and curation looked stunning, and the art was again of the highest standard. I am not an artist, just an appreciator. Having the opening night as the start of the Pink Festival events is such a great way of setting the tone of the celebrations in such a positive and friendly way. It is great to see that Bent Art has such dynamic and hardworking committee behind it and congratulations and thanks to you all. Jocelyn

  3. congratulations to the hard-working committee members and the wonderful voluteers of this year’s Bent Art weekend. Thanks SO much for making it possible for all us makers-of-art to have this exciting event in the mountains.

    Pamela Hourani

  4. Dear friends on the committee, Welcome to Gill & Phil, what an amazing line up of sponsors, bentART seems to go from strength to strength. Congratulations on the hard work you have done to date. I truly hope you have an awesome exhibition again this year. I am sorry I can’t be part of it. I hope there are lots of artists entering with equally exciting works as last year. Have a great opening night. Sending this note with much love. Mike

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