2021 Awards

Prizes will be announced Friday 11 June 2021 at the Awards  Ceremony

Overall bentART Exhibition Award – PRIZE AUD$2,000.00

Overall bentART Exhibition Runner Up Award – PRIZE AUD$1,250.00

Highly Commended Awards – PRIZE AUD$500.00

Pets & Wildlife Smartphone-ography Award – PRIZE AUD$250.00

Design a Mask Award – PRIZE AUD$250.00

Catherine Cooper-Norwood – New Entrant Award – PRIZE AUD$250.00

In the early days, Catherine was a major supporter and sponsor of the event. Her love of the arts and desire to see BentART thrive was her main motivation.  Despite her challenging health issues Catherine loved to attend Opening night and did so without fail until her passing in 2019.  Catherine would be delighted to know that the “New Entrants Prize” will be awarded in her honour.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, the bentART 2021 exhibition will be in the format of a Virtual Gallery. This is a public gallery that may be displayed worldwide.

Awards announcements will be Live Streamed on the Bent Art Inc. Facebook Page Friday, June 11, 2021