2024 Awards

2024 Winners in order of presentation.


Youth Prize – Phoenix Tempest for What do I want?  No. 110

” Sometimes an artwork just stops you in your tracks and makes you smile! Quirky and funny with a great use of pen and ink. Confident and un-self-conscious at the same time.”



Phoenix Tempest - What do I want?

First Time Entrant – Katrina Bodey for Dream Catcher with fish trap No. 9

” This work creates a narrative of holding on and letting go. A great use of the material; alluding to traditional functional forms and then moving beyond them.”



Pets and Wildlife – Kathleen MacDonald for Cellar Door.






Kathleen_MacDonald - Cellar_Door__PETS_entry_2024
Felix Jackson - Physical, political (punching bag)

Curator’s Award – Felix Jackson for Physical, political (punching bag) No. 53

A suspended human punching bag hangs with an unflinching expression, staring out in resistance to its vulnerable position. In Physical/Political (Punching Bag) artist Felix Jackson has emotively communicated the experience of discrimination and threat faced by the trans community. There is a powerful tension in the work as the heavy-duty materials and glaring expression communicate strength and defiance. This tension is further created as robust materials of steel and leather are contrasted with the fragility of ceramic, then suspended at height. It feels as if the piece is on the verge of movement and may blink or swing at any time. It is this emotive power and electric tension, coupled with the skill and precision used to create the hand built ceramic piece, that led me to select this work for the Curator’s award.



Commended – Janet Scott for Flow No. 100

A visually engaging photographic work that highlights the beautiful organic design and form and patterns in nature seen in a unique aerial view from a helicopter without doors!



Janet Scott - Flow
Regine Wagner - Airing the Burqa 20230327_132950-2

Commended – Regine Wagner for Airing the Burka No. 117

This colourful photograph shows the beautiful rich colour of design and composition. It also communicates the skill and deeper meanings through the layering of meaning and unveiling of societal perceptions.



Highly Commended – Michelle Drage for Red Grevillea No. 27

This wonderful, joyous work of the colour and design of nature is a mandala that is delicately drawn with a strong composition and skill.




Michelle Drage - Grevillea

Highly Commended – Che Ritz By the Sea No. 92

We chose this small series of miniature painted works for its powerful visual message that the artist clearly articulated and a reminder for all of us about the state of environment and the impact of climate change.



Highly Commended – Katrina Bodey for Infierno No. 10

This first-time entrant submitted a delicate drawing that was beautifully and technically executed and shows the skill of use of raw materials and physicality of drawing. We love the energy and physical and emotional tension and build up as if this internal force is exploding off the page.





Blue Mountains Pride Award – Martin Roberts for Liam No. 94

” The male gaze looking directly at the viewer; this directness could indicate confidence and swagger or vulnerability and fear. A delicate use of watercolour and ink to describe mood.”



Runner Up – James Gordon for …The bowl that was auctioned at $25.9 million with some prawns No. 36

” Playful and humorous as well as extremely technically adept. A subject that initially suggests the everyday – with a touch of the surreal – but has a bigger story to tell about capitalism and the secondary market. Great use of paper sculptural relief, also creating swirling linear shadows.



James Gordon - …The bowl that was auctioned at $25.9 million with some prawns
Felix Jackson - Physical, political (punching bag)

Overall bentART WinnerFelix Jackson for Physical, political (punching bag) No. 53

“A deceptively simple work that delivers a powerful political and personal message. The viewer is faced with an immediate confrontation – and the suggestion that doing nothing is complicity. However, the meaning and poetry of the image continues to resonate with continued viewing.”