2023 Awards with the Judges’ Comments

Overall bentART 2023 Winner  –  EGGS #1 #2 & #3 by James Gordon

A striking mix of fragility and strength, the quiet moment and playful composition, A great engagement between technical skills and conceptual depth. We felt these 3 still-life works, a series of ethereal vignettes, were very strong when grouped together, and spoke to each other as one delicate meditative piece. The deft handling of the paint beautifully conveys the eggshells’ quiet presence.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Runner Up – FROM WHERE I STAND by Ruth le Cheminant

Vibrant use of colour, a very well-balanced, but expansive feeling composition. We felt this work conveyed multiple views of an abstracted landscape through its use of layered, soft pastel-colours and its pentimento-like images, forms, and brushstrokes that emerge by being changed and painted over.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Highly commended – MOONSHINE by Debianne Gosper

Moody and atmospheric, a powerful work of great skill blending light and dark. This dramatic piece confidently conveys the dark, brooding sandstone escarpments, towering over suggestions of burnt tracts of forest, shrouded in layers of changeable mountain weather.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Debianne Gosper moonshine
Angela Jursevics Untitled - Yellow Socks
Highly commended – UNTITLED (YELLOW SOCKS) by Angela Jursevics

A whimsical subject matter rendered in a striking colour palette with a strong presence. This fun, deceptively simple composition demonstrates skilful technique with a bold, punchy golden yellow accent contrasting dramatically against the black.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Highly commended – QUILT by Zoe Weston

Technically impressive, and a powerful contrast between soft and hard, the conceptual basis for the work was very strong. This work demonstrates a high level of skill with a very challenging and unforgiving medium. The technical process involves firing and fusing molten glass, then it hardens into a fragile material – so combining this with the concept of a soft, comforting quilt is a genius idea and it is very well executed.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Zoe Weston Quilt
Highly commended – Puff by Philippa Bolton

A striking composition that references memento mori. This work effortlessly conveys the beauty in decay.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

1st-time Entrant – AFTERMATH by Mishi Fox

Bold, with a strong presence, this work deftly uses high-impact colour and sensuous form to realise a private and vulnerable moment.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Mishi Fox Aftermath cropped
Erin Rose Cult Catjpeg
Youth – CULT CAT  by Erin (Charlie) Rose

Technically impressive figure rendering, inspired use of colour. Playful and strong.  A confident effort by this young artist, conveying a strong understanding of the genre. A well-executed piece of work.

Yvette Hamilton and Rebecca Waterstone

Virtual Gallery Curator’s Award – One Night in Newtown by April White

Juxtaposing the moody palette, the application in this work is gentle and precise. A distinct lack of pedestrians in an area known for its nightlife shifts the focus to the fixtures in this streetscape. Seemingly endless rows of buildings and retail fronts feature lights mimicked in those of cars. There is a clever vagueness in the composition of the pink and blue sky; is this what’s been unveiled as the dark clouds recede, or are those clouds instead rolling in?

Awarded by Amelia Tracey

April hite One Night in Newtown
Effy-Ephgrave-The-Goddess Crop
In Person Gallery Curator’s Award – The Goddess by Effy Ephgrave

Awarded by Jacob Appleton

People’s Choice Award – Connecting to my Inner Queer by Lisa Ellen Hughes

Awarded by The People !