Objective & Values

bentART’s Key Objective

To encourage, promote and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (“LGBTIQ”) art.

bentART’s Core Values

The following values and guiding principles inform and underpin bentART activities and communications:

–   Respect
–   Accessibility (Access & Equity)
–   Community Support for the Arts
–   Excellence
–   Creativity
–   Fun.

…and Guiding Principles

–   Broadening artistic expression: encouraging, showcasing and promoting the work of LGBTIQartists

–   Increasing awareness of the work of LGBTIQ artists amongst the non-LGBTIQ community

–   Promoting the Blue Mountains as a centre for the visual arts

–   Celebrating the Blue Mountains as a supportive LGBTIQ environment and community.


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