2018 Design

Here it is!  The 2018 bentART promotional design, thanks to the talent of our wonderful 2017 curator and 2018 sponsor, Amelia Tracey.  

This design is a representation of the “purple hand” that was an early symbol of the Gay Liberation Front and the Society for Individual Rights.  The term originated in October of 1969 when 60 activists responded to the San Francisco Examiner’s series of disparaging news articles about the LGBT community by staging a protest in front of their building.

Employees of the newspaper dumped bags of purple printers’ ink from the third-storey window of the newspaper building on the peaceful protesters. The activists used the ink to draw slogans on the building walls and stamp purple handprints throughout downtown San Francisco resulting in one of the most visible demonstrations of gay uprising at that time.

This design is not only emblematic of the purple-handed event of the 60s but is a celebration of how far we have come since. It symbolises that on the 9th December 2017, Australia achieved the overwhelming victory of marriage equality, bringing us one step closer to living in peace.